Adam peace be upon him is one of the  God creations  who was chosen and given a high status among the rest of the human beings.once God created him he ordered the angels to prostrate  before him so all angels  obeyed God except the devil who is not an angel  but rather a djin.he didn’t prostrates before Adam because he thought he is better  because he was created out of fire not like Adam who was created out of clay.The devil has driven away from paradise whereas Adam remained there with his spouse and he warned them not to approach the tree but the devil said o Adam unless you eat from this tree you won’t become a king .Adam naively listened to what the devil said and he obeyed and ate from the tree.After committing this fault Adam was pushed out of paradise and down to earth with the devil who became his permanent  enemy.The devil challenged God by saying that if he allows him to live with Adam and his offspring then he would lead them away from God s path.So God accepted his request and allowed  to live forever among Adam s offspring.Adam lived for about one thousand years  whereas the devil still lives with us

فكرتين عن“Adam”

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