Djins are invisible creatures not like humans they can do whatever they want with their own will.they are free like us and they are not controlled in their acts like angels. Satan belongs to the djins as he can influence us and the things we possess wicked djins can harm people .But this harm can go away if the person reads  Qur’an all the time. Some sorcerers can use the djins to fulfill what they desire it’s true that man can control the djins like what the sorcerer does.these kinds of djins don’t believe in God they are harmful and wicked just like the devil who obeys only the sorcerer.the devil obeys only those who disbelieve in God. The sorcerer knows that God exists but they reject this completely. He orders the satans to do malignant things that go against God s

commandment.the satan himself also arders the sorcerer to do the same as to fulfill his order.djins cant influence or control the angels because the angels are stronger than any creature God has created.

فكرتين عن“Djins”

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