Does God forgive our sins?

Does God forgive our sins? God forgives only Muslims who believes in him whenever we commit a sin and then immediately repent and regret .

God forgives us indeed all believers are forgiven if they turn to God at the right time these is God’s untwisted words .we all make bad deeds but we certainly become regretful and seek forgiveness from God the one who would welcome us at any time the one who would forgive all our sins. the recently  converted Muslims are so privileged due to the fact that all their previous bad deeds will be erased as if they were reborn. to be a Muslim means to be careful not to err but rather to be a good person with a good intentions .

those Muslims who are drowned  in their sins should return to God before it is too late because if you die as a sinner you would probably go to hell. God is the one who promised to forgive and reward those who die after repenting . the key to paradise is held by God it’s him who will allow us to be in Janna(paradise) as a reward for our good deeds and righteousness.

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