God is the only one that nothing equals his Majesty .the one who neither begets nor is born.h is a command when he intends a thing that he says to it be and it is the only creator and the originator of the universe and beyond the universe .the when who created what is apparent and what is not apparent to us ie we only the things that God make us evident for us.to clarify more,God created us with something that makes us the reason ,understand perceive and speculate .it’s the mind which is typic to only us as humans . Unlike animals who don’t own something by which they reason .it’s means they are figuratively mindless.In addition to that ,he created the Angels and the jinns .angels for instance never disobey God they are flawless .unlike angels ,God created jinns and humans knowing that they may make bad things in life he gave them  absolute freedom to decide and to believe the way it seems right to them.God is merciful and forgiving towards the believers but sometimes vengeful when it some to disobeying him.it s he who rewards and punishes fairly.That’s why he created paradise and hellfire to fulfill his honorable word.God knows. beforehand everything will happen or every single action that will be done.An Allah is typically the name of the God that we as Muslims worship in addition to that there are  about ninety-nine different names of God namely the merciful the forgiving the Clement the greatest and so for and so forth.God created humans and chose some called them prophets or messengers  to convey his message which is worshipping and believing in God.some prophets are mentioned in different holy scripts such as Psalm,Torah and the gospel .And coran .this heavenly scripts had been revealed upon the prophets as Adam ,abraham Moses ,Jesus and Muhammad . People are categorized into two groups .a group of those who are marked as disbelievers and a group of those who instinctively believe that behind this is great creation there is a creator even though they don’t that this God is Allah.in another way they believe in the paranormal or metaphysics this hidden power is relinquished by God .This category is if people are close to the truth and can easily be convinced about this fact.that’s why God create  this great existent creature  and grant us a mind to use it-. to think that all that sufficiently proves God’s existence.However God sent to us his messengers to induce and strengthen our beliefs.a priori;we can understand that in this universe we are required to believe and worship God. God as mentioned make paradise and hellfire exist and made us know that those unbelievers will be severely tortured in  hellfire and those who believe will be honorably rewarded by paradise.God knows everything including our actions , incidents,events and matters.God neither slumbers nor dies he is  immortal.it s he who made death and life the one who created for us our souls it’s the architect of the universe ,the owner and possessor of the heavens , earth,sun,moon,jinns ,humans,animals,plants,bacteria,cells and nucleus.our knowledge is limited because we know the finite number of things that God created ie their countless things that despite technology ,remain unknown and out of reach.God tirelessly  and powerfully and even easily created these things that are controlled by him ie if intends something to happen then it happens reluctantly.We as humans do live and die we don’t have any control or any choice to decide the matter of death and life since it is something typically destined by the creator .Ie everything is mortal in this existence and God remains to hold us accountable for our deeds after death .God is fair and he never tyrannizes his creatures it’s the holder of Justice.it means in this life even the man-made laws and regulations are not as fair as the Devine justice.God is the one who has no equal .there are no three deities as Christians believe God is only one not two and not three.he is the greatest the supreme the powerful and the dominant the one who knows the unseen the one who if intends things to be then is ie God creates what he wills .