Identification of Creator

Identification of Creator It is for those who have a heavenly religion, such as Christians, Muslims, Jews and Sabians, who believe that creator, who is unparalleled and is not related to anything scientific or logical, and believe that creator is the Great and the one who controls everything, and also is the greatest force in existence and also has everything For those who do not have a heavenly religion, the definition of creator is different for them, there are those who call it the hidden force and there are those who call it the supernatural, and each person calls it according to what he wants, because they have not yet recognized the religion that gives them the definition of creator, but all these names have no meaning It is, because creator told us in the heavenly books that the messengers brought that his name is God Allah, and He is the One who has no equal and none is similar to him, even He didn’t begots  neither was he begotten, and He is the One who created everything. As for those who believe that God is a creature or A person like us or is the sun and there are those who say creato is the moon and other names and sayings, all these sayings and names are wrong and all of them are illogical and all of them are trivial, then create is the one who has no other than him and is the greatest power, and nothing is superior to his will, and he is the one who runs the universe The things we know or do not know, because we know little, and everything is known to creator To Him, from all creatures, angels, human beings, and everything that exists, He is Allah, who there is no God but He, alone, without a partner, to Him belongs the kingdom and His praise, and He is over all things powerful, and He is the Living who does not die, and He is only eternal.

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