Muhammad  is the slave and the messenger  of God to all mankind.He was born in the arabian peninsula. He lived for about 63 .arabic was his mother tongue because he was born in an arabic medina.He was born normal birth his father died when he was still in the belly  of his mother and he lists  his mother at a very young age.he was raised at his grandfather then he lived with his uncle.he was a shepherd  than a trader.At the age of 40 he was revealed  the Quran. God chose him to be the messenger.Jesus be upon him has already fortold the coming  of Muhammad  peace be upon him.muhammed peace be upon him is the messenger of God to all mankind of different times and epochs in contrast to the rest of the messengers who were sent to people of a particular time.all messengers’ mission is to make us know that God is one there isn’t any other Gods he is the one who should be worshipped .Muhammed peace be upon him was reaveled the Quran for about thirteen years

then he died at the age of sixty-three.this great messenger  perform so many miracles like the splitting  of the moon and the journey of night and ascension and more and more .his mission was converting people to Islam which was so tough and hard he suffered a lot throughout his daawa.He made many wars against the unbelievers and he was too much patient. Muhammed peace be upon him has never said he was a God but said that he was the messenger  and the slave of God oh people submit to God.muhammed’s daawa was a success because so many believe him and followed him.He established a great nation that is still up nowadays.the Hidjri date referred to him as the day he made hidjra to medina

فكرتين عن“Muhammad”

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