God created paradise to reward those who obey him   and who do good deeds paradise is a great creation that God created wherein all  that one desires .in paradise there are things that we have never seen and that we can’t imagine because God told us that it is impossible  for us to imagine how beautiful it is.We as humans may imagine things that we have seen before and not the things that we haven’t  seen that we can’t imagine at all.thus the beauty and the greatness of paradise are boundless.In paradise there will be only angels and people who worshipped and obey  God

paradise is the dream of any one of us and God has promised us that he’ll make us the dwellers if we believe in him and obey paradise people never die but rather they ll live forever they ll be eternal in it.And each one will be rewarded for what  he did before the more your deeds are good the higher rank in paradise you get.The one who all his life obeyed God is not to be compared with the one who did at the last moment of his paradise there are ranks wherein  we’ll live eternal life .