Quran is Gods word it was revealed  upon the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him  through one of the greatest angels .it is written in Arabic the language that was spoken by messenger  himself and his people. It contains the commandments  of God it holds all what God wants us to do as it holds as well Islamic commandments and stories of the precedent prophets like Jesus Moses Abraham and Adam. besides that it holds stories of righteous  people who truly  believed in God and stories of those who disbelieve in him and how they were tortured.

The Quran contains a variety of things of science that were lately discovered.It is impossible  for people to write like in Quran because  the Quran is a miracle in itself  it is God s word and God says that if the Quran was human made it would be full of flaws.those who oppose Quran search for mistakes to use them against Muslims however they dont find any.Quran which was revealed 1400 years ago includes  signs and scientific matter that science research lately unveiled

it is in Quran that is mentioned that earth is round and tackled the cycle of water and many other things that was impossible for people of that time to know or discover.science lately discovered these facts and for sure there will be things that would be discovered and that are mentioned in Quran.it is not possible for us to tackle things mentioned in Quran in one or two pages because even one book is not enough.that’s why we are trying to sum up everything and give an idea about the topic.it would be sufficiently  said that Quran is a heavenly  script from God to all humanity as there are other scripts like the torah,the gospel and psalm whci were revealed by God.