The day of judgment

The day of judgment  or the doom day is the end of the world that we live in it is the day that witnesses  the destruction of everything  mountains  and seas in other word all of earth will be destroyed. There will be an unstoppable  great earthquake  floods wind and irresistible cold and  high heat.this will happen all at once this is the day when everything on earth will perish and die all what existed before will vanish and disappear there will be life only there in the heavens  where God is and  after the souls will be revived God

will revive all those who died in the hereafter including humans djins and devils that is the second life where there will be no dead again .after that  God revives us there will be the day of reckoning. Those who disbelieved will be excluded and be taken right away to hell whereas those who believed in him will witness this period ie the day of reckoning those whose good deeds are more than their bad deeds will be guided to paradise wherein they will live eternally and whose bad deeds are more than their good deeds will go to hell forever.

God will oppress no one but be fair to them on the day of reckoning as he promised  us in Quran .of mentioning the details of the day of judgment  and the day of reckoning in one book will not be enough so we sufficiently tried to convey the general idea about this topic to you.Life in hell or paradise is eternal  whether ther you are a believer or a disbeliever and this is due to your deeds and acts whether they are good or bad if you are among the disbelievers all your deeds will be disregarded  you will drive  straight to hell so it is up to you to choose