The gospel

The gospel is a sacred heavenly script which was revealed upon the prophet jesus the son of Mary peace be upon him before the Quran which foretold the coming of Muhammad peace is upon him. What is lamenting is that the gospel was altered and twisted right after the rising of jesus to heaven. Nevertheless  there are some few copies which are kept away from 

ordinary people which are quite genuine. Today s gospel which is read by christians contains wrong ideas which misleading and which push people to the wrong path .those specialized  in the field of religion had divided the gospel into four different scripts which are the gospel of mathew the gospel of luke the gospel of jone and the gospel of mark.The change was in the religion because through time it gets modified and altered. those who specialized in the religion write  the script by themselves in this act is known by the Christians they truly know that their script is manipulated and twisted

.there only a few copies of the gospel which are preserved which kept by those with higher religious ranks .in the genuine copy of the gospel it is not mentioned that God is one of three or anything they claim. the genuine copy says that there is only one God and Jesus is his messenger. those who believe in Christ are Christians but unfortunately, they know what they believe is untrue and false there are only a few of them who seek the truth and consequently they realize that Jesus is not a God but rather a prophet from God nevertheless they insist on

their wrong belief and this is the plan of the devil to drive them away from the right faith.