The satan

the satan

the satan . satan is one of God s creatures who belong to the category of djins he is not a God with supreme  powers as something but just a creature who was created before Adam he was a good djins who worshipped  God and God made him close to angels and raised him to paradise .after that hod had created Adam he ordered his angels including the satan to prostrate before him so they all do except satan who objected because he was a djin unlike the angels who instinctively  obey God  order .

satan didn’t want to prostrate because he thought he was better than Adam in creation. He was created out of fire whereas Adam was created out of clay.this wicked act enraged God and he was pushed out of paradise and let Adam be in it.the devil asked God to let him live alongside Adam his offspring  the end of the world.He was tempted to defy God and make Adam and his offspring to disobey God didn’t finish but rather accepted what he wanted and told him that he and those who will follow you will be dwellers of hell.

Adam was in paradise he was ordered by God to stay and do whatever  he wanted but not to eat from the fruit of a particular tree as the time go by the devil get closer to him and tempted him to eat from that tree by saying that by eating from it he will be an angel Adam didn’t believe from the beginning  but unfortunately  he was persuaded to that and fell in the trap set by the devil d Adam ate from that tree and it was his first sin in paradise this act enraged God and let him out of paradise and said o Adam he who obeys and follows me will go to paradise and he who disobeys me will go to hell.Satan doesn’t want to be alone in hell but wants to take a lot of people with him therein

this story still continues  nowadays since the creation of Adam and his offspring the day God created  Adam and his wife eva and after that the devil’s temptation and the event of eating from the tree .the story doesn’t stop here but it will continue and last forever .the devil will try hard to make people reject the idea that God exists God  wants us to be right but the devil wants us to murder and to be wicked evil and corrupt  .sinning is because  the devil when one people keep sinning God sends them a messenger  among them to know God .the devil is able to implant bad ideas in one’s mind he is the principal cause by which people are away from God he doesn’t want people to think that God exists.

. He strongly aims at driving people to hell.He swore by God that he would mislead as many people as possible  as mentioned before God accepted and let the devil do what he wanted so he could make people worship idols and could convince them that God doesn’t exist .he people to act badly .consequently  God sent to these people messengers  to know that God really  exists .to add,the satan is like any jobs that disobey  God his name is iblis or lucifer .his descendents are the satan who can tempt people to sin however those who follow God s commandments and obey won’t be tempted by the devil.

the satan