What’s Islam?

Islam was transmitted to us by our great messenger peace be upon him .it’s the ultimate religions ie no kanat other religion will emerge afterward.Islam instructs us to believe in the almighty God ,his angels,his Holly scripts and his messengers.Islam promotes peace and justice it goes against all what’s evil and bad.Islam is the true religion which was the responsibility of our messenger to pass to us .

Islam urges us to obey our prophet’s instructions and the Devine law.Islam is indeed the only religion that treated mankind fair.Islam honored women.it is a path that leads us to God.is the Devine law   revealed in a form of a script(Quran).Islam is world widespread due to the fact that so many people around the world convert to it and the number is increasing  and on because they were convinced by its credibility and truthfulness.these people were born non Muslims but had the chance to get to know this beautiful religion by searching,wondering and digging deep.

They strive to seek the truth and consequently were guided to the right path by God.the media seeks always to shape Islam in a bad way due to several reasons mainly political ones.However,this is not the truth .Islam has nothing to do with terrorism  or tyranny.unfortunately,People misjudge it based on some bad actions done by the Muslim community.If a Muslim person makes something bad this has nothing to do with the religion.it’s the person that should be judged noth his faith.

Islam is the sole religion of Allah ie no any other religion is accepted.Islam was the message of all messenger which is worshipping the only God .Islam and peace go together.it goes against violence.despite the fact that there are some sects that slightly differ from each other but they still urge to worship the only God.it’s not important to be a part of these sects but rather to follow Islam.n normally these sects shouldn’t exist there s only one sect that is straight it’s the Sunna .It s unwise to follow those sects .those sects diverge a lot from the principals of Islam.some have nothing to do with Islam.they simply don’t represent it as a whole.Islam is a religion that promotes righteousness,purity and harmony.

it represents Allah and his messenger.it has nothing to do with murdering,hatred and hostility.Islam has nothing to do with those divergent sects.

What’s Islam?