Where will we go after death ?

Where will we go after death ?after death ,we’ll be resuscitated once again by the almighty(Allah) in a way that our souls will get back to our dead bodies and consequently either we’ll be rewarded for our good deeds or tortured for our bad deeds and this should happen only if we believe in him before we die otherwise God wouldn’t care about us and he would  definitely torment us.

Death happens once in a lifetime ie after being resuscitated there would be no death.life in the hereafter will be eternal in both paradise or hellfire thus means that if we pass the test successfully we’ll be among those who dwell paradise forever and if we fail the test we’ll be among the losers and will go to hell eternally.

Where will we go after death ?

Why did God(Allah) create us?

All creatures were created for one single reason which is worshipping the almighty. humans are not forced to act but rather free to do whatever they want to. Therefore God’s worshipping is tied to our freedom .Allah wants us to worship him convincingly and freely unlike angels who have no choice  but just to worship God.paradise will be the reward of anyone who follows the Devine law . we are asked to believe in God, his angels, his messengers his revealed sacred books, on the judgment day and the hereafter.

Who creator God?

This question is wrong(unreasonable) because this sort of question will lead us to an infinite series of questions ie we would apparently say who created God then who created the one who created God and so on and so forth it s like a dead end God is unique .he is uncreated.This question should never come to mind as humans we do reason and instinctively know that God is the uncreated creator ie there is no one above God except him .he is the one who made existence be it ie he created everything that exists .

that’s why we should dismiss asking a such question because it may lead us to atheism .some people based on the logic claim that every creature has its own creator this is true when referring to many things but this logic shouldn’t be applied when referring to God.this type of people are hard to convince but our job consists in persuading them by saying that God is the ultimate creator the only one who has no partner.

who can create. He will repeat this question differently as follows: Who created this God? Assuming that the answer is there must be another God.described by power and greatness, then he will find himself compelled to.repeat this question infinitely and in the same way without reaching a correct.root answer because the answer from the beginning was incorrect  and illogical.Then the ideal answer to this question is that there is no creator for this .Creator God Who created this man and this universe with its creatures. Thereis only one God that is described with the greatness of His power to createand bring things out of nothing. This is the typical logical answer that therational brain will not accept anything other than it.